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Leading people – Acas publishes guidance for effective leadership

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Acas has this month published new guidance on leadership – Leading people, which is designed to be used in conjunction with its comprehensive guidance on Managing people, issued in 2016. 

The Leading people guidance is aimed at supporting people in the workplace with leadership responsibilities at all levels of an organisation, and sets out essential qualities, actions, considerations and implications that Acas considers are associated with leadership.

The guidance contains Acas’ framework for effective leadership outlining four key areas of leadership which have the highest impact on engagement and productively in the workplace:

  • personal style;
  • workplace culture;
  • communication skills; and
  • the big workplace issues.

Brendan Barber, Acas Chair, states: “The framework can be applied to leaders at all levels as leadership is about qualities and behaviours rather than a specific role. What is key is identifying the opportunities for people to develop and use their leadership skills, and to create environments where good leadership can flourish.”

The guidance provides a useful insight into leadership and the four key areas of leadership above. We would encourage those with an element of leadership responsibility in their role to read the publication. The Acas guidance Leading people can be found by clicking here.