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Social Media: The Employer Strikes Back

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The recent case of Plant v API Microelectronics Ltd should serve as a reminder to employees of the potential dangers of using social media to post comments about their employer, and to employers of the importance of having in place a clear social media policy.

In that case, API introduced a policy which prohibited unacceptable social media activity, including posting comments that could damage the reputation of the company. Following an announcement of a proposed relocation, Mrs Plant unwittingly posted a comment about suing her employer on Facebook, not realising that the page was linked to her employer’s technology.

API instigated a disciplinary process, ultimately leading to Mrs Plant’s dismissal. Mrs Plant claimed unfair dismissal in the employment tribunal, relying on her otherwise clean disciplinary record and long length of service. The Tribunal held that, whilst the decision may seem harsh, the dismissal was still within the band of reasonable responses by the employer and, as such, ultimately fair.